Thursday, March 1, 2012

Equipment basics

Equipment, equipment, equipment. Having the right tools for the job makes things easier. Personally, I like easy (so long as it doesn't compromise quality) so i learned what tools I can use and which ones are useless. Many tools can be homemade, and since this Blog is titled "Home Made Brewery" I feel like DIY projects are essential to a home brewer's journey to making great beer. Since you have already taken the step towards making your own beer, there is a sense of curiosity and creativity within you. Being brave and knowing how to improvise when things go horribly wrong will determine your ability and motivation to this craft. In the Words of Charlie Papazian 'RELAX! Have a Homebrew". In my next entry, I will list things that are essential to a homebrewers arsenal. Cheers!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

New Adventures

Putting ideas on paper ( know, computer screens) has never come easy. For me it's like pushing pins into my eyeballs. Until recently. Creativity can manifest itself in many ways, and for me it has always been art. These days I don't break out the camera much (or at all) and slinging paint on a canvas has become remodeling my house. Something has arisen that unleashes a ravenously creative beast that dwells within me. Homebrewing.